Awkward & Awesome Thursday


-Still typing in my old password to my gmail account. Yep, just thought I would update you that I’m still in that 12-month-long rut. Must. Remember.

-Anytime  I feel remotely under the weather someone asks me if I am pregnant. Seriously? Just because we’re married now does NOT mean we’re going to have babies anytime soon…

-Every day I overdress for the “cold weather.” I discovered today the root of this problem. I check the weather on my phone every morning, and it gives me the day’s high and low weather. Since it’s the beginning of my day, I assume the temperature will be the low… even if it is 11am when I walk outside for the first time. I realized today that just because it is the beginning of my day, that does not mean that it is also the beginning of everyone else’s day… Wow. Lesson learned. The world does not revolve around me.


-Putting up our first Christmas tree!! Pictures of our Christmas decorations to come:)

-Listening to my fellow students in chapel today singing
To our God we lift up one voice
To our God we lift up one song
To our God we light up one voice
Singing Allelujah
Can you say magical? I felt overwhelmed with God’s presence today.

-Getting 12 hours of sleep last night. Today was the first morning I woke up feeling genuinely well rested and ready to tackle the day in quite some time. I think that sleep was the last thing I needed to kick this sickness thing in the butt! Feeling great today!

(Awkward & Awesome is an idea borrowed from Sydney @ The Daybook)