For all of our Ohio friends…

Decorations are slowly coming together, but here’s where we’re at now!

This is the top of the shelf you can’t see because I cut it off… oops! Trinkets from the wedding!
I’m not sure why that card is so low on the refrigerator… photographer’s overlook I guess;)
We’re still working on regular chairs for the table.. 🙂
We have a washer and dryer!!! Yes, it is wonderful. Especially the really really loud and LONG beep it makes randomly throughout the cycle. Hilarious. But I kind of like it… it’s silly and gives this little place character. And it literally went off just as I was typing this. Ha!!
We finally hung the pretty thing over our bed!! After all this time… and we laughed afterwards because it only took us literally 4 minutes. Silly us.
We got our nightstand/dresser set from IKEA and we love it!!