iPhone Dump & Life Lately

Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here in our new bloggy space! Thanks for making the switch with us!:) Here is a little photo update of our lives lately:

1. One of my tires blew this week, so I spent a lot of time standing on the front porch waiting to be picked up. Took me back to those middle school days. // 2. My AWESOME sister-in-law Olivia changed my tire for me!! Jacob had to work some crazy hours last week before his trip out of town, so Olivia (with the supervision of my father-in-law) stepped in and took care of us!! Thank you! P.S. She is a freshman in college. And she changed my tire…. // 3. My handsome husband! // 4. My dad and Jacob during our trip to Ohio to celebrate Christmas with my family. Love those men. // 5. Me, my Mamaw (mom’s mom), and mom on that same trip! // 6. Visiting some of my very best friends while we were in Ohio. Love those girls. // 7. Isn’t he precious? My parents’ dog, Gordon. AKA my mom’s obsession. // 8. Soaking up the rest of break with some reading for fun and cereal for breakfast!

1. Resting throughout break with cozy sweaters, some delicious leftovers, and good books. I’ll miss that. // 2. I got to meet up with my sister-in-law earlier during break for coffee at our new Dunkin’ Donuts. // 3. My brother and his sweet girlfriend while we opened presents at my parents’ house. // 4. Jacob and I went to see Bristol Speedway in Lights with his family shortly after Christmas. That’s my mother-in-law with me in the picture. So fun! // 5. This comment card from work says (with very poor spelling), “She served our salads in less than two minutes.” I could NOT believe I forgot to make this table’s salads, so I told them I’d be back in two minutes… and they said they’d time me. Ha! So, needless to say, I was booking it the whole time and I made it in a minute and thirty seconds:). The fact they left that on a comment card cracked me up! // 6. My new hat! I’ve never been a hat person, so this is the first hat I’ve ever really liked! // 7. My dad with the mustache mug I made him for Christmas. // 8. Chai tea and a buckeye. AKA my breakfast one day over break. Not ashamed. // 9. Mom with her “Good Morning” mug that I made her for Christmas!

…And that has been life lately according to my iPhone!