Post-Christmas Present Reveal Pt. 4

I think this one has got to be my FAVORITE of all the Christmas posts… and it was so simple!!
Homemade Chai in a Mason Jar!
Homemade Chai in a Jar
I found this recipe here and I made it for myself about a month ago. Since then I have tea just about every morning and I thought this would be a perfect addition to both my mother’s and mother-in-law’s gifts this year!
I started out with these ingredients…
Mix one
Stuck them all in a bowl…
Mix Two
And mixed!
As you can probably see, the mixture is not very fine at this point, hence the blender.
The blender turns it into a beautiful, fine powder that mixes perfectly into your steaming water.
I filled a jar for both moms and, as you can tell by process of elimination, that’s our gigantic jar in the middle. Clearly, I planned to make a LOT of tea for myself/I have judgment problems with everything related to size, weight, etc. I accidentally bought a HUGE jar. Oops!
Here is the finished product! Chai tea, complete with directions.
*You can adjust the flavor of your tea with the amount of mix you add to the hot water. I prefer 3tbsp, or about 3 spoonfuls, but you can adjust accordingly!
Also, the ingredients listed above made about 2 1/2 batches of this stuff! So great!