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Happy Tuesday! Meet my sweet friend Hayley. She’s over here today and I’m over on her blog! You won’t want to miss this 😉

Hey, yall! I’m Hayley and I normally write over at A Beautiful Exchange, but Lauren was awesome enough to let me hang out with you today! 

I am full time mom of one (my cutie just had his first birthday!) and a part time nanny. I married an amazing man a little over a year ago. It was a rushed wedding, but we pulled off a perfect celebration on a cool November night. It wasn’t what I had pictured my entire life, but it turned out to be everything I wanted. You can read more about our story, here on my blog, if you’d like! I am a pretty simple gal that’s really into makeup, reading, anything DIY, and home decor. You can check out a few of my makeup posts, here, or my DIY Diaper Clutch tutorial if that is more your style. I also posted a super easy DIY T-shirt Makeover, that gives you an idea of what to do with those awkward clothes that you don’t want to donate or throw away. I also love writing about the little things I do in our 2 bedroom apartment that make it feel like home, like the 
DIY Stenciled Tea Towels I posted yesterday,

 so keep an eye out for more tips down the road. 🙂 As I mentioned, I am an avid reader and I am constantly posting about the awesome or not-so-awesome books  I have been reading… you can find just about anything on my little ol’ blog.

I come from an amazing tight-knit family and have 4 sisters (bless my dad for surviving all of us) and am so blessed to have married into an awesome family, as well. Jake also came from a family of 4 kids, so our entire crew is pretty huge. Things can get kind of crazy sometimes, but I absolutely love having such a huge family. I have 2 nephews, a niece, and a little mystery niece/nephew on the way!! Nieces and nephews are such fun…you can spoil them and send them home. 🙂 Our family is all so great and consistently support us, love us, and help us along the way.
My crew!
Jake’s crew!
I guess I’m going to stop babbling about myself for a little while, but 

ake sure you head over to my blog and check out Lauren’s post for today! It’s so much fun following along with her and reading all of her great posts. If you are just now catching up with her, definitely check out her adorable spring wreath, the thrifty rope jar, and these posts, that share her love for my Jesus! If you aren’t already following Lauren and you were lucky enough to stumble over here today, you should definitely make it happen. 🙂 

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 Happy Tuesday!


If you loved this post, hop on over to Hayley’s blog to get to know her more! She’s great!
P.S. Make sure you’ve done your organizing and written your post for tomorrow’s Organize Your Space’s Challenge Day! Can’t wait to see your pretty new spaces!