Organize Your Spaces Challenge Week 2

Annnnddd we’re back with week two of the Organize Your Spaces Challenge! How did your spaces turn out?? Comment and leave a link to your post–I’d love to see them.

If you’d like to know what we’re doing, here’s a recap:

Do you have those spaces in your house that you can’t stand? You know, the ones where you can’t find anything? It’s time to turn the spaces you hate into happy spaces… that is, spaces that leave you happy, not angry after spending time in there!
Every other Wednesday for the next month, it’s time to re-organize a messy space in your house.
Make a list to give yourself some direction
{My List}
Cabinet under bathroom sink {Check it out here}
Cabinet under kitchen sink
Bedroom closets
Front closet
On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, share your organizing success story with us!
Last time I shared our newly organized cabinet beneath the bathroom sink, and today I’m revealing the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink. And, let me tell you, it was a beast. 
Yes, ALL of that stuff was inside that tiny cabinet. And it wasn’t pretty. It was hard to find what I needed–or even see what I had. We also had some extra supplies in there from our surprise package the other day.
I started by putting things I need least often in the back of the cabinet– hence, extra paper towels, tissue paper, and the contact paper I never actually used (sorry mom!). 
We keep the trash can beneath the cabinet, so that couldn’t really move. I put the first aid kit and fire extinguisher on the left, both easy to grab if needed. 

It probably still looks jam-packed because it is. The biggest problem is that all of these items have to go in this cabinet because we don’t exactly have storage space to spare in our little one-bedroom apartment. So, I did what I could and grouped like items in boxes and baskets to keep them corralled. 
I like to just reach in to grab the things I need (who doesn’t?), so I put the ziplocs facing outward, similar to before. I did the same with the cleaners I use most often. 
The best part about this “regrouping” organizing effort is that I didn’t spend any money. That’s why you see a gift box (we got two of those pretty boxes for our wedding–the other is my stationary box), shoe box, and basket–it’s what I could find around our apartment. 
And there you have it! I now have two spaces that I know where things are and can quickly see if I have something or not! So helpful! It’s amazing how little time it really takes to organize a space and how great I feel afterward! 
I hope you like your newly organized spaces, too! Don’t forget to comment with a link to YOUR post!
Happy Wednesday!!
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