And so it begins

We started packing this week. 
I’m so excited to move into our new place in a few weeks! Moving brings new space, MORE space, different walls to decorate and pretty new furniture to fill that new space. Moving means house parties and playing outside in the “back yard” that really isn’t really ours, but seems like it. Moving (hopefully) brings overnight guests to stay in our second bedroom and more late nights laughing and playing cards. 
Our first year of marriage in our first tiny apartment closes next month, but it welcomes in our second year of marriage in our next place. 
How long will we stay there? Who knows. But we’re so excited and so ready. And it takes all of me to not sit around all day pretend-decorating our new place.
So here’s to another year and another place full of adventures alongside my best friend.
Guess I better get to packing.