I want to be like God & other related things….

Have I told you before that I just love making pretty things? Decorations, home decor, photos, paper goods, signs, events, crafts, blogs, etc. I get so excited and find so much joy in creating beauty.

I told Jacob the other day that I wish I could make pretty things for my full-time job. I’m not even sure what that means, but I think I mean that I don’t want to be limited to one type of “pretty thing”… I want to dream up, touch, and enjoy all types of beautiful things.

For instance, I’d like to be a wedding-planning, papery thing-designing, home decorator. You know, just mashing all of those fun things into one profession.

And I love saying that I find joy in the act of creation (and in observing said creation afterwards!). I love it because the God who made us is a creative God. He’s the CREATOR OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! He made us in his own likeness–beautiful. And he said it was good.

That tells me that creating things is not purpose-less. It can be very purposeful, rather. Art, in whatever form, is an act of God… something he made for us to LIVE inside and even to enjoy.

He’s also detail-oriented. Just think about our bodies! Were you ever fascinated in science class when you learned about the human body? I was! It’s so intricate! God formed those intricacies and designed them to fit together and depend on each other just so.

You probably think I’m crazy right now or have no idea what I’m even saying in this post, but I’m getting more and more excited as these words fly across this page.

God made me to enjoy creating, just as he did. So that’s what I’m going to do: be creative, enjoy creativity, and encourage it in those around me. And for what purpose?? To share God’s glory through the beauty of creation.

Sometimes you just need to take a small step backwards to see all the beauty surrounding you.

Happy Thursday and HAPPY CREATING!!!!

So much love all over the place today.