So about this half marathon thing…

I’m getting really excited!! Because, guess what?? I ran really well on Sunday for the first time in over a month. I wrote last week about my determination to get back to the running grind again… so I set out Sunday wanting to run a solid two miles.

I really needed a good solid run that just felt good while also setting realistic expectations, since not meeting my expectations for my runs is what has been dragging me down. I would have been happy with two good miles that day. Baby steps.

But around one and 3/4 miles in, I still felt really great! So I adjusted my goal to finish three miles. Friends, I haven’t run three miles since that crazy day on May 24 when I ran five miles. So this is kind of a big deal!

And I felt wonderful the whole time! Sure, it was challenging, but I did it! And I probably could have kept running if there was more sunlight left… I didn’t want to become roadkill, though, so I called it a day.

Here’s a serious question, though: Working ladies, how do you train?? Mornings? Evenings? How many days a week? I’ve been struggling to fit it in this week and it’s just my first week on the job! I usually run on a road where I can really only run when it’s light out.

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