Celebrating 6 Months

of running!!

My first run was on February 9, 2013… it was cold outside and I ran next to my best friend Mosby. It was her first run, too. We had somehow decided it was a good idea to start training for a 5k, despite the fact neither one of us had ever enjoyed running. Ever.

One of our first runs!!

That was when our love for running started. On that first day, we barely made it a half mile without collapsing– but it felt great! I was so inspired to run just a little farther each time…. and I did!

One of my favorite things to do is look back at how far I’ve come since February. It still seems a little crazy to me that I actually run…. and like it (most of the time, anyway;).

I use Nike’s Runtastic app and I love it. It tells me basically everything I could ever want to know about my run: my average time, distance, change in elevation, calories burned, etc. And it’s free! Total win for all runners out there:)

So in my first six months of running, I’ve

run 115.62 miles.
burned 11,023 calories (how cool is that?!)
for a total of 22 hours.

That’s almost an entire day of running!!

After finishing our 5k…. our friends came out to support us!! 🙂 Best day ever.

So here’s to celebrating little milestones and looking forward to many, many more. Get out there and start doing something today… something you’ve been putting off and making excuses to avoid! I promise, it’s worth it down the road!!