High Five for Friday # 22…. do something fun this weekend!! :)

This week has absolutely flown by… probably because it’s been packed full of great fun! And there’s even more to come. This weekend we’re helping out at the “Redneck Olympics” youth event at our church (that will be hilarious, I’m sure!), hanging out at my company picnic tomorrow, and celebrating my youngest sister-in-law’s 15th birthday on Sunday! The Appalachian fair starts on Monday, which will keep Jacob super busy all week long, and my dear friend Mosby comes to visit us on Thursday!! So pumped. As if that wasn’t already enough, then my friend Lauren and I are throwing a bridal shower for our friend Sarah. Phew. Lots going on over the next few weeks!!

Here’s what I’ve loved this week:

1 // Saturday morning breakfast in general is my favorite part of the week, but last week was extra special because Abbie was here with us!! We antique shopped in the afternoon and played lots of card games. So thankful for our weekend with her here!!

2 // Quiet mornings are my favorite. I love sipping warm coffee and snuggling with my Bible and a blanket. It rained Saturday morning, so it felt even more calming to sit quietly in the presence of the Lord.

3 // Clearly I have a thing for mornings and coffee, but I love the morning at work, too. I bring a cup of good coffee with me, curl my hand around it and get the day started. There’s usually a lot to catch up on from the night before, so it’s a busy time.

4 // I baked cupcakes and zucchini muffins this week! The cupcakes were for my sweet friend Sarah, and they were my first gluten free dairy free baked good ever! I had a blast with the icing, if you can’t tell. It’s about the effort, people. 🙂

5 // I love reading. I’ve always loved reading… but you know, there’s a period of your life called college when reading just isn’t that much fun anymore. Ha! It’s been nice to see my love for reading reignite now that I can read whatever I’d like to read. I spent one of my lunch breaks outside reading this week and it was absolutely glorious.

On another fun note, we got to host a candidate for our church’s children’s ministry position the past two nights!! She was here interviewing and meeting staff– and we were the lucky ones who got to host her last minute! 🙂 I’ve had so much fun spending the evenings getting to know this lady and I hope it all works out for her to serve at our church. I think we’ll be good friends either way.

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!!! Do something worthwhile this weekend! 🙂

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