Introducing……..True life: the blogger behind published posts

It’s no secret that we live life comparing ours to everyone else’s around us. With social media these days, it’s even more tempting to fall into that trap. We look at our friends’ (and people we don’t even know!) perfectly filtered photos, well composed Facebook posts, and mushy tweets about their significant others and think…. Why doesn’t my life look like that?

Well, you know we only post to social media what we want other people to see, right? We don’t post ourselves fighting with our spouses, our houses in disarray, or even our own faces before we’ve covered our blemishes for the day.

So here’s a little glimpse into my life before I’ve “perfected” what I would post.

Here’s the True Life behind the Albrechts Blog(gers):

Look for more True Life Blogger posts in the upcoming weeks. I plan on showing you just how “normal” we do things around here 😉

Do you dare to expose your #truelife on the web? The next few Thursdays around these parts will be dedicated to #truelifeBLOGGER and you are so welcome to be a true life blogger with me!


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