Lost in Translation… a glimpse into the South

I love living in the south. If Tennessee is really part of “the south,” that is. In fact, I’d give just about anything to be a legit Southern Bell with a beautiful southern accent in an I-don’t-even-know-it kind of way.  But, since I’m a northern gal at heart and unfortunately don’t have the necessary southern twang, I had some serious learning to do when I came to Tennessee.

This is my best Southern Bell pose. And hair for sure. Try to ignore the different colored arms I’ve got going on. #wannabe

I embraced “y’all” pretty quickly. After all, it’s easier to say that than “you all” or even “you guys.” Why say two words when you can mash them together into one? Also, it makes me feel like I’m a little bit closer to being a Southern Bell. I’ll just let myself keep thinking that, anyway.

But not every phrase was as easily adopted–or understood– as y’all.

“Lauren, grab a buggy and we’ll get started.”

What the heck is a buggy?? Oh, you mean shopping cart. Got it.

Picture me as a waitress:

Me: “What can I bring you to drink today, sir?”

Guest: “A Coke.”

Me: “Is Pepsi alright?

Guest: “Yeah, Coke’s fine”

Me: ……….

When people greet each other, they ask, “So what are you into?”

What do you mean, what am I into??

“I like to make crafts and ride horses??”

Oh, you meant How am I doing? Okay.

“I’m doing well, thanks.”

Tea always and only means sweet tea to a real southerner.
Real southerners act as if unsweetened tea is a legitimate sin.
Southerners also enjoy mixing their sweet tea with lemonade, which is called an “Arnold Palmer,” just fyi.
I thought it was an alcoholic drink the first time someone asked me for one.


“That was so beautiful, I just got the chill bumps!!” Isn’t that so much cuter than goose bumps?? 


Like I said, living in the South is great. You call normal things cute words, like buggy and chill bumps, sip sweet tea all day long, and everyone you don’t know says hi to you at the grocery store. Sometimes I get worried when someone says hi because I can’t remember how I know her… but, at least in the south you can take comfort in reminding yourself that she’s just showing southern hospitality. You most likely don’t know her. So smile, say hello back, and continue with your shopping.

Welcome to the South and happy Tuesday!!