On where you are currently.

Sometimes it’s so apparent to me that God is active in my life. It’s like everywhere I turn I see tangible proof that he is involved and, really, that he’s doing the directing.

But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t many times, and more often than not, really, that I’m blinded to the proof that at one time was so obvious to me. Those blinded moments seem to make the clear moments that much more meaningful, though.

My friend Abbie visited us this past weekend, and my time with her was absolute proof that God is faithful. Just the fact that he brought us to know each other way back in fifth grade, and the way he carried and molded our friendship over the past 10 years. Really, all my friendships from back home shine bright with proof that God ordained them. Looking back, I know he’s used them to bless me and shape me over the years.

Abbie and I talked a lot about how short-sighted we are. If we haven’t found a job we love after graduation, haven’t found a spouse, haven’t figured out our life plans yet, etc… it’s so easy to be frustrated with God. We discovered, though, that the times when we aren’t sure doesn’t mean he isn’t sure.

God must be using that time of unknown to us to prepare us for what he has coming. And the place that we’re in right now… that must be where God needs us to accomplish what he’s doing in or around us right now. Being where we wish we were or having what we wish we had wouldn’t enable us to be where he needs us to be right in this moment.

So for those of you, my friends, who are frustrated because God isn’t answering your prayers how you’d like him to answer, or you’re utterly and totally confused about the plans for your future: I’m right there with you. So is Abbie. And I’m sure there are many, many others there, too. We’re all there with you at various places along that road.

But instead of focusing on your frustration and narrowing your view… open your eyes, breathe in deeply, and pay attention to where you really are. God is preparing you for what is ahead, and he’s using you right now where you are.

Take encouragement in knowing where you are now, wherever that is, is purposeful, not wasteful.

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