True Life: The girl behind the blog part 3

And it’s time… True Life Blogger is back and, friends, I’m getting pretty honest here.

The first week I showed you how my house really looks on the day-to-day, before I make it pretty… and how I look before I make myself pretty 😉

Last week I shared my sweaty self, pale self, and the random waffle fry I found in our dryer once. That’s awkward.

Just keeping it real over here, folks.

Do you all have any quirky habits? I definitely do.

For example,

Did you read in yesterday’s post that I wash our shower curtain liners? Well, I do… and I do fairly often, to be honest. It just grosses me out when they’re dirty at the bottom!

I also vacuum about two times per week.. and there are only two of us living here.

I swiffer the tile floors weekly, too.

And to top off my cleaning OCD, I declutter/straighten the family room and wash the dishes before bed, if they aren’t already cleaned. Then I go to the bathroom, get ready for bed, and straighten everything in the bathroom. I can’t stand going to bed with clutter everywhere.

I would straighten the bedroom, too, if Jacob weren’t already asleep.

He thinks I’m crazy because I like everything to be in its place all the time… I think it’s totally normal 😉

Do you all have any weird quirks?? I’d love to know I’m not the only crazy cleaner out there!

Happy Thursday!!

And feel free to join up your #TrueLifeBlogger post–I’d love to read about the real YOU behind your blog!

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