Praise God, my coworkers ROCK.

Aside from wanting to fall over and sleep most afternoons this week, I’ve been all smiles every day. I love this place and I’m growing more sad to leave it, but God has been blessing me each day with his goodness!!

I went to the gym after work with two of my coworkers on Wednesday. They recently joined the gym and I could go for free up to three times, so I thought why not?! It’s been freezing cold lately anyway, so I’d much rather run inside! 😉

Well, we had a BLAST.

We ran on three treadmills side by side and I just couldn’t help but smile. We all had our headphones in, doing our own things, but I was overflowing with joy! Here I am, hanging out with these two ladies God brought into my life six months ago. He has surely blessed me through them. I’m pretty sure they have no idea, but they have both taught me to grow in boldness. Those ladies know what they want and what they think.. and they aren’t afraid to share! And because of that, we are always full of laughter. After we did some treadmill time, we went to a “boot camp” circuit class, which was pretty great! Needless to say, all day yesterday we laughed at how sore our bodies felt!

I’ve stayed up way too late most nights this week and haven’t wanted to get out of bed most mornings, but God has filled these days with great joy. He has been showing me all of these little blessings that I haven’t noticed in the day to day bustle of normal life.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend… I’m excited to pack more boxes and crank out a few ideas that have been stirring in my mind for this little blog. Next week I will be sharing some cool stuff, so you won’t want to miss out 😉

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