You asked and you shall find. {a peek into our home!}

Many of you have asked for a peek inside our temporary home in New England. It’s a pretty fun house, I have to admit. It was built in 1872 and our landlord has a LOT of projects going on to fix up the house. We are only living on the second floor in about three rooms. We have a living space, small kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms to ourselves. The rest of the house just sits empty and stores the boxes we aren’t going to unpack here!
Our landlord plans to move in come April, so we are looking for more long-term housing by then. We’re getting very spoiled, though, living in this beautiful house with so much character! So much of it reflects the time period from when it was built…. so cool. I tried to photograph those parts for you. The kitchen downstairs and the area we live in have been renovated and updated, so they don’t really fit the house. I love all of the old wallpaper, tall baseboards, marble fireplaces and wide window frames.. it was all so beautifully made! And there’s a third floor I didn’t photograph all. It’s basically an attic, but it’s the largest attic I’ve ever seen. There are three rooms up there with angled ceilings and a third floor porch out back. It’s tall enough you can overlook a lot of the downtown area of this city! Pretty neat!!
So enjoy a peek into our short-term home! 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to Cristina from Sombras Blancas Designs. I haven’t known her for very long, but my first impression was that she is a woman full of grace and kindness! Not only that, but I soon discovered she is a designer extraordinaire! She specializes in customized design – in websites, logos, and even to-do lists, and business cards!
Here are a few of my favorite logos and business cards from her etsy shop:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Cristina is not only an amazing artist, she is also a classical guitarist and, in her own words, a sushi eating monster. You can learn more about her and swoon over her beautiful designs here:
P.S. She gives away adorable freebies each week on her blog… so make sure to check that out!!