I’ve got big plans!

March is here!! And it brings hope for chirping birds and the warm rays on my skin. Maybe a little color, too, because Jacob even commented on how pale I am yesterday. Oh, how I long for sunny days!! I guess we will just have to see how quickly spring comes to New England… most people have been reminding us that March is very much still “winter” here. But despite my inability to control the weather, there are a few things I can make happen this month. So here’s what I’m really looking forward to focusing on…

March Goals:

1. Keep up with my daily Lent journal. I’m so excited about this Naptime Diaries devotional. I’m looking forward to my daily time in the Word and with the Lord in this season. I’m hoping to grow in discipline this month through this daily exercise, but also in joy… the joy that only comes from finding rest in him alone.

2. Open my Etsy shop! I have been talking about opening an Etsy shop for almost a year now. I’ve been dreaming and dreaming (and doing lots of talking!), but making excuses as to why I’m not ready yet. So, it’s time to jump in head first!! This will involve a TON of work and dedication, but I’m ready. This month I’m committing to create, be inspired, and get to work.

As you can see, I only have two goals for this month. I made that choice because they are both pretty lofty goals. They require daily commitment and I really want to make them happen. I also seriously slacked on February’s goals, and I really don’t want that to happen again. Here’s how it went down:

February Goals:


1. Call a friend once a week. I didn’t do so hot on this one. I think I talked to a few friends, but I definitely let the month slide by without being intentional. I would like to pick this up in March because I’d like this to become a weekly habit… more like a lifestyle than part of my monthly goals, you know?
2. Complete two blog designs that are in my queue. Well, failed here, too. I started working on the first one last week and I plan on really pounding it out this week. This is part of my create, be inspired, and get to work initiative.
3. Pray for specific people every day. I did fairly well here. There are specific people I’ve been remembering to pray for, but I’d like to become more disciplined and joyful in yearning to pray for people often.
Despite the fact February slipped away from me, I’m excited for this month. I’m ready to tackle a big goal (hello, Etsy shop!) and learn more about my dreams. I’m also really excited to be consistently in the Word each morning and meditating on Jesus’ great sacrifice. It’s a new month, a fresh slate, and it’s full of opportunities. I’m ready to embrace it!
Happy March!!!