when your creative well has run dry.

Creativity fuels me. That’s something I have slowly learned about myself over the past five years. I used to be afraid of creativity because I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough. But once I started dabbling and allowed myself to step out on a limb or two, I realized I loved it. And it brings life to my dry soul.

I think creativity also fuels me because I admire beauty in everything – people, places, home decor, color combinations, dainty plates, paper goods, fabric, scenery, etc. I’m drawn to it! God teaches me so much through his creation. I love it.

But my creative well of ideas isn’t unlimited. And lately, it’s been very dry. I think it’s a combination of exhaustion and too little free time to do what’s listed below. In this season my creative juices have been tested and tried, so I’ve discovered a few strategies to replenish creativity that work well for me.

1. Do something you love that you never make time to do. For me, that’s reading a book for fun or playing guitar.

2. Spend some time with the Lord.¬†Most often, slowing down and meeting with the Lord opens my eyes that busyness so often narrows. Meeting with him reminds me the world is so much larger than what’s going on in my life. It turns my gaze heavenward instead of inward. Looking for inspiration so inwardly is what¬†cripples my creativity the most.

3. Do nothing. Sit outside on the porch if it’s warm enough and leave your phone inside. Or lie on the floor of your living room and take a few deep breaths if you live in New England like I do. But don’t watch TV and don’t let your mind focus on your to-do list. Just breathe and let your mind wander.

What do you do to restore your creative juices?