a sign of only good things

Last night as I settled into bed and stretched my tired legs, it felt as if they ached all the way down to the bone. The aching was just a sign of a weekend well done, though. A weekend full of adventure and friendship and hard work.

Jacob and I showed our dear friend Abbie all around town, and we must have walked at least five miles through Boston. We rearranged the living room and unpacked countless boxes. We rose early to sing songs at church and stayed late to build the new set backdrop for the months to come. We snuck in a quick fro-yo run only to return to church shortly after for a few hours spent hanging out with students. We also ate out way too much, but if I’m being honest, what else is new.

My hips all the way down to my toes ache from tired muscles, but my heart is so full from the conversations and adventures I got to share with my husband and long-time friend. I’m so thankful for this weekend to show her the works God is doing in our new city, and how much his presence here is so apparent.

I wrote a little last week about the way life changes and your relationships change as a result. I came to the conclusion that I’m thankful for our moves and the friends we’ve made along the way – because God is using us to plant seeds as we go – but I miss those friends often. I even told Jacob one day last week how much I just missed having someone who can just come and sit on our couch and know us. It’s so nice to be known by a friend sometimes, instead of in a state of getting-to-know friends. Little did I know, someone who knows me very, very well was coming my way shortly.

I’m still thankful Abbie lives where she lives and we live here, because I know God is using her there and us here. But I’m very, very thankful for the moments, days, and weekends we get to spend sharing our corners of the world with each other. Friendship and being known is a very beautiful, life-giving thing, and God has blessed me so much in being known by this friend.

Thanks for visiting, Abbie. And thank you for the most wonderful birthday surprise, Jacob.