For the dreamer who’s afraid to dream:

As I grow older, I’m becoming more of a dreamer. Don’t get me wrong – my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be, probably just like yours did, and I believed them. But I got to an age when I started noticing that people usually weren’t doing what they wanted to do. All of a sudden, my dreams did not seem quite so attainable. They were too big, or too scary, and I didn’t know how to make them a reality. So they faded away and I thought I would be happy with an office job.

This post-graduate season of my life has taught me a lot about myself, especially in the working world. I’ve learned that an administrative position – something I always thought would work well for me – is not what I’m cut out for. I need something with more of a creative outlet and room for growth. I’ve realized my dreams are much bigger than the path I’ve set myself on and I’m itching to take them somewhere.

But instead of seeing those dreams as too far off and overwhelming, now I see them goals that will take time. And I don’t have to achieve them right now. In fact, there’s no way I can achieve them right now. But there’s plenty of time for me to nail down a few pieces of wood each day, getting closer and closer to making those dreams a reality.

Sometimes I worry that chasing these dreams is a selfish thing. Shouldn’t I be ministering to other people, leading Bible studies, and spending time with the Lord in all my free time? Is it really okay to go to bed at a good time of night and spend my lunch breaks designing items for my shop-to-be or brainstorming how I can work for myself one day?

Here’s the thing. I think it’s more than okay to chase your dreams. I believe our passions are God-given, and running with them brings us great joy and great glory to him. What is more beautiful and inviting to the unbelievers around me than being filled with the joy in knowing I’m using my God-given talents and passions? He has called us to live freely and fully – he’s given us the gift in Christ to do so.

So if you’re a dreamer who is too scared to commit, be brave. If you’re a dreamer who feels selfish for doing things for yourself – forget that. You need to be filled up to give to others in the first place. Do something that fills you. If you’re the dreamer who is looking for that last push to say, “Okay, I’m really doing this….”

This is it. Start by taking baby steps.

Last month my goal was to have opened my shop by this month. That didn’t happen because life gets in the way, but because of that delay, I have even greater things coming your way! And I’ve committed to doing something every single day this month toward making my shop come alive. Whether it’s as little as a few minutes of research to as large as a few hours of designing. Every day I will do something, no matter the size of the task, because I’m chasing my dreams and I’m not afraid of failure.

So go for it, dreamer. I’m cheering you on.