the truth about working from home.

My desk is red. Let me tell you, that brings me a lot of joy. No more gray cubes! Or gray desks! Red!!

I can sing and hum to myself for as long as I want, as loudly as I want.

The office coffee is always good.
If I wake up 10 minutes before start time, there’s no reason to freak out. Unless it’s Monday and I have an 8am video conference call.
My entire lunch break is mine… I don’t have to travel anywhere except downstairs to my kitchen, or possibly down the street for some extra special¬†coffee.
I can do laundry all throughout the day.I can take a mid-day run to give my mind some rest and get my stiff limbs moving… and I don’t have to walk through the whole office in exercise clothes!

Slippers. Enough said, right?!

When it snows, I don’t have to leave my heated apartment. That’s probably the best part, if I’m honest.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!