we plant seeds as we go

cleaning move Moving down the street

Growing up is such a funny thing. In the moment, whatever is happening right now feels like the most important thing in the world! And you think I could never forget this moment. But time passes and the memory fades and down the road you only have a faint recollection of how that moment felt.

Growing up and moving from my hometown to another state for college, I thought similar things. A new place filled with new friends and jobs and relationships and churches and priorities. That place quickly became my new home and those people became my people. And then we moved from that town two months ago across the country to New Hampshire.

Now this place is becoming my new home. These people are becoming my people, this church is becoming my church and we are growing into who God needs us to be here, in the part of the United States I never thought twice about before it became home.

What’s the most weird is how community changes. I have several best friends from high school (hi guys! love and miss you TONS!) with whom I’m horrible at staying in contact, but every time we talk or get together it’s like our time apart never existed. They are the friends who I could run to at any moment and they’d be there for me and remind me of truth when I need to hear it. They are the ones who will fly or drive across states to visit and stay connected. One of them is even keeping me accountable with getting my Etsy shop started in the next few weeks! They aren’t a normal part of my day to day life, though. When I lived in Ohio, I couldn’t imagine that ever being the truth.

Now I’m in that season of transition with Tennessee. It’s weird realizing I’m not in the day-to-day lives of my friends, my church, my coworkers, etc. It’s weird realizing (again) that these areas of focus are changing.

And that’s okay. That’s part of life. My high school best friends are scattered all over the place right now – some still in Ohio, some in Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, India (yes, you read that correctly), and now me in New Hampshire. We’ve all created new communities of some sort and met new people. We’ve all shared our stories of how God has redeemed and sanctified us and still he’s teaching us more about him every day. God has taken that group of women and scattered us all over the place, planting his seeds where he sends us.

He’s doing the same with my college friends and my church friends and even my new friends here. At first when thinking about all of this change, I felt sad because I love all of those relationships – friends, school, church, work, family, etc. – but when I see it in the light of God’s story… I’m so glad.

Friends, I’m so thankful for where you are today. Right now. Because God is using you in big ways. He is growing you, disciplining you, and loving you… but even more than that, the people around you see Him in you. That is a beautiful thing. Embrace it and live in it today. Live in him.