Part of me can’t believe it’s already May, but the other part is so desperate for warm, summer days that it hasn’t come fast enough. We are finally to the point that we feel settled. We moved to New England 3 months ago, but settled into our own apartment last month. Now that we’ve had time to unpack boxes and lay down roots, I’m ready to tackle some goals for the month. I haven’t set goals since March because, well, those goals just spread out into April and then trickled into May. I blame moving.

So, here’s to a month of living in this city without the nagging reminder of the almost, but not yet. We’re getting our new driver’s licenses this month, registering our cars and taking home NH license plates. We’re taking the youth group on a long weekend trip later this month and I’m opening the shop I’ve been dreaming about for a year on Monday!!! It’s a big month. A big month and a welcomed month and hopefully one full of warm weather, too.

So here’s to May:

1. Open my shop. Launch date is already set for MAY 12!! Mark your calendars, y’all. I’m so excited.

2. Go on a date with Jacob. We haven’t struggled at all with getting plugged in to our new community and staying busy… but it isn’t always easy to block out time for each other (yikes! major core competency we’re skipping here!). We want to grow in that this month.

3. Read Scripture every day. I was in a pretty good routine of that for the first few months of the year, but all the craziness with friends and family visiting, Palm Sunday and then Easter… last month threw me for a loop! I’m ready to get back into the art of discipline.

4. Decorate. Some of you may have seen a few pictures of our bathroom, and I’ve hung just a few things since then… so this month I want to really get this place feeling warm and cozy. I have a lot of decorations from our last apartment that are currently stacked on the floor waiting for a home, so this doesn’t even require money (Jacob will be happy about that one;).

5. Pray with diligence. God has been teaching me so much in these last few weeks and I know he’s growing some exciting change in me, but I’ve also been mulling over some things. I’ve been asking the Lord for straight up guidance and I know he’s working in those situations. So this month I want to continue growing in laying the true desires and questions of my heart out to him and giving those fears to him. And then not taking them back.. because I have a bad habit of taking back what I’ve “given” him already.

So here’s to another month. A month of change and growth and new things. I’m so thankful for this season of life and so excited for what’s to come next week!!