The Story Behind the New Name

34MSt Why Why Behind the Name

I think I had the most wonderful weekend I could have imagined. And lots of that can be attributed to you!! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support with the blog’s rebrand and my up-and-coming shop (it goes live a week from today!!! Eek!!) You made my day.

My weekend was also full of mini-catch ups with long-time friends, my first time trail running, and the realization I already have some friendships in this new town that will blossom into deep, very life-giving friendships. God has provided abundantly, my friends!!

A few of you have asked about the meaning behind the new blog title 34 Magnolia Street. I wish it bloomed from a deep meaning, but the meaning I now love grew after some watering ;).

About a month ago, I wrote this post after a very dear friend visited us for the weekend. She’s one of those great friends you can tell your deepest darkest hopes to and she won’t laugh. She actually tells you hers and then you start scheming to make them a reality. It’s beautiful, really, and I’m so thankful for her!

Well, 34 Magnolia Street was born that very weekend. She knew I wanted to start a shop and I wanted my blog and shop to be a “brand” together… so that’s when we decided I was going to rebrand my blog. In the midst of brainstorming title ideas, I thought about how much I loved our address. I thought it was cute and kind of catchy… but I didn’t want to name my blog our address. I mean, come on, blogging feels safe and all, but I’m not an idiot.

So we started brainstorming cute words to use for the street name… and she came up with Magnolia. We loved it. It stuck and it’s all I’ve been thinking about for the entire month since her visit. Although 34 Magnolia Street was born because we loved the way it sounded, after thinking through it a bit more, Abbie said something very profound.

“Magnolias are beautiful, but they aren’t so delicate they break easily. They are beautiful, yet strong.”

That’s when I knew the name was concrete was for sure. I love remembering that beauty doesn’t mean daintiness or delicacy. Beauty comes in strength, in faith, in making hard decisions. Beauty comes in celebrating the good, despite the mess, and loving someone who is hard to love. Beauty comes in forgiving each other because Christ forgave us, and that is hard. Beauty comes in recognizing that without Christ, we are weak, but because we have been sown again in his everlasting sacrifice, watered with unwavering love and fertilized with grace, with Him we are strong. There is so much beauty in that strength.

So 34 Magnolia Street sounds catchy and cute to me. But every time I say it, I remember that magnolias are beautiful and strong. I want to be beautiful and strong, and I want you to know that you can be, too.

So, welcome (again) to 34 Magnolia Street, where beauty meets strength in every day life. Every single day of it. I’m so glad you’re here.

  • Phoebe Spooner

    Welcome to my list of daily readers. I just fell in love with your writing!
    I’m Phoebe from TakenByTheLapels.Wordpress.Com!
    You’ll be seeing more of me!

    • Phoebe, THANK YOU! What a lovely comment to find today!! 🙂