This Week I Joined the 6am Club… and I Like It

coffee on the deck

I got up at 6am today. Believe it or not, I’ve done that every day this week, and I can (surprisingly!) tell you I’ve never felt better.

I don’t work until 8am and I have zero commuting time, since I work from home, so this 6am wake-up call has gifted me an extra 90 minutes every morning to get stuff done! This week I have pounded out some blog posts during that time, scheduled some sponsored social media posts, and checked some design projects off my to-do list. Yesterday I even went through our bills, washed dishes and cleaned the downstairs of our apartment!

Now, I have to be honest with you –  I’ve been aiming to go to bed by 10pm every night. That means I’m in bed and reading by 10 most nights, with 10:30pm being my “lights out” goal. When the alarm goes off at 6, my initial feeling is alertness, but if I choose to snooze the alarm, that’s when I start getting groggy.

I’ve wanted to get up and do things in the morning before work for a long time, but it’s never been something I was disciplined enough to do. When my alarm goes off, usually I think, “I don’t really need to get up this early,” and I proceed to hit snooze until the last minute. That leaves me groggy and unfocused while I scramble to get ready for work and sit down at my desk. It also leaves me with a long to-do list that I think about all day until 5pm, only to push it back even further after I get off work, with dinner and whatever evening commitments we have that night.

I’ve been reading a lot about time management and various business strategies lately, and so many people said you need to find the time that works for you and protect it. Then actually use it to get stuff done. I’m learning that I cherish those extra 90 minutes of quiet and coffee every morning because I can start off the day doing things I love to do – blogging, business strategizing, designing, getting organized, etc. Then, when I sit down at my desk for my “real” job at 8, I don’t feel like I’m spending my whole day doing something (I appreciate very much!!! but….) I am not passionate about… see what I mean?

For those of you in a similar boat – working your “day job,” but hoping it might turn into something else… don’t be passive about it! Get up and carve out time for your dreams. It’s so worth it!