1 Month Shop Reflections & a Giveaway!

Well, it’s been just over a month now since I opened my shop. The shop I’ve been dreaming of and talking about for more than a year!

And a month in, I’m very proud of my little corner of the e-commerce world. Not only did I blow my first month’s sales goal out of the water ($50) – I tripled it! So thank you to all of y’all who made purchases and encouraged me along the way! It’s an exciting ride, for sure.

Interested in what I’ve learned so far?

+ Launching is the easiest part. I built a lot of hype for the launch date on this blog and my social media platforms, so people were ready and knew it was coming. The day it launched, I had a bunch of page views, tons of social media shares and, the best part, the sales started flowing in! It was a dream come true. I don’t think I stopped smiling for a single second that day.

+ Ongoing marketing is a completely unknown world to me. Now that the launch date hype has come and gone, now what? Right now I’m learning a lot about marketing my shop in the day-to-day… what does that look like? How can I do it differently to gain traction in a world swimming with e-shops like mine? I have an Instagram specifically for my shop, and am launching the Facebook TODAY, but I’m paddling in an ocean here, for sure.

+ Balancing my shop with a full time job, blogging, being involved at church, investing in my marriage, spending time with friends, sitting in the quiet before the Lord and actually sleeping well is really challenging. I’m constantly learning and re-learning balance and shifting what is a priority that day.

+ I have a lot to learn. There’s so much I’m really clueless about – take e-shop marketing, for instance. But there are also classes I’d like to take to further develop my skills! I also have a lot to learn in the profit area – how much do I take for profit? How much do I re-invest in my shop for marketing, for learning, etc?

Now I know there are lots of y’all out there with shops, too! What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far?

So Let’s Celebrate!

But, because I’m so thankful for how much you all have supported me, spread the word about my shop, and encouraged me beyond belief, I want to give back to you & say thanks in a fun way! So today I’m giving away two prints to my shop – you can enter to win in the Rafflecopter widget below! You don’t have to be a blogger to enter, and this is open to people outside the U.S. The winner will receive two PDFs of the prints of their choice via email. The giveaway is open for a week – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


P.S. If you’re looking to learn more about these things yourself, I wrote a list of the books I’ve learned so much from already – check it out here.