On Hitting “Publish” Daily

Blogging is scary.

When I look back at old journals from high school, sometimes I cringe….  Did I really believe that? Did I really think that way? I feel so much wiser (in some areas, anyway) five years later. But at the same time, I know I have leaps and bounds of growth ahead of me still. 
That’s the scary thing about blogging. I hit “publish” on some of my thoughts almost every day and they are immediately plastered on the internet for people to see and interact with. I wonder if in five more years, I’ll look back at some of these words and cringe with similar feelings.
I’ve been reevaluating this blog lately. Not only because of the “fear factor” of my words kicking me in the butt later, but also because of the effort and sometimes even the pressure I put on myself to make this happen every day. Is this little space worth the hours of time spent on it every week? Could that time be better spent with Jacob, friends, at the gym, meeting my neighbors, or straight up resting? 
If I’m honest, I think I just started wondering, “What’s the point?” But then I finished reading Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).

He wrote a section about how there comes a point that the excitement of your new venture wears off, and you start questioning yourself. You forget why you started and what you wanted to accomplish in the beginning, and you’re tempted to quit. But this is the time to really dig in and push through, if you really want it. The reason you started – if that’s still what you want, don’t quit when things get though. Keep going. Push through it.

When I started this blog, I wanted to grow in writing. I wanted to share what’s going on in our lives and document things because – if you remember the tagline from “The Albrechts Blog” header – memories are too easily forgotten.

I want this blog to be a creative outlet for me, a continually growing documentation of our lives and our journeys with Christ, and a place to celebrate the gifts and joys of being here on this earth. I still want those things. I still want to share our speck of a story with the world and I absolutely want to write because I love it.

So for those of you hitting a plateau in your goal or dream – don’t stop. And if you need some encouragement, find a good book or resource to learn. I promise you, learning about what I love makes me love it more, and reignites that fire that was once a lot stronger. Sometimes you just need that.

PS I shared some of the books that re-inspired me to chase my dreams yesterday – you can check them out here.