Practical Steps to Dreaming with Intention

You guys have to be sick of me talking about chasing dreams by now, right? I hope not, because I don’t plan on stopping. I wholeheartedly believe that God gave us passions to use for his glory, and dreaming big is one avenue to be obedient in that way!

Now dreaming big is fun, but you can’t stop there… not if you want those dreams to become a reality, anyway. To do that, you have to take some action steps.

Write out your dreams and goals. 

I know this sounds corny, but take time to really think through what you want to accomplish. This might take a while, and that’s okay. It’s hard to sift through what other people tell you to do and what you actually want to do.

Write out achievable steps to get there. 

Sometimes it’s easy to work backward. So you want to write a book? Okay, when do you want to be finished – a year from now? That’s twelve months. Keep dividing that down to figure out how many words you need to write each month, week, and even each day. To launch my shop, I made a list of literally every single thing I could think of that needed to be done – researching, brainstorming a name, setting up listings, creating business documents, designing new products, etc.!

Tell someone your plans.

Choose someone who will hold you accountable and act as a great sounding board throughout the process. My awesome and long-time friend Abbie fulfilled this role for me. A lot of friends knew I wanted to launch a shop, but she helped me come up with the name, checked in with me periodically, and encouraged me to keep going when I couldn’t see how close I was to the finish line!

Carve out time to work on the steps you outlined. 

Even if you’ve followed all of the other steps, not making time to do those things won’t get you anywhere!! And life is busy, I totally get that. So sit down with your calendar and decide how you’re going to make this happen – I’ve started getting up at 6 am to work on dream things before my 8-5 job starts.

I love seeing people chase after things they love, and I’m so inspired by them! I hope this short list convinces you to do that thing you’ve been putting off for way too long. What are the dreams you need to start chasing??