I used to have my nose pierced.

Photo circa Summer 2010 – pictured with a bestie since then and my good lookin’ now husband on the right.

True story. I used to have my nose pierced. For those of you who weren’t in my life at that time, you’re probably shocked. I don’t blame you, but it makes me giggle just a little bit.

My senior year of high school, I wanted to get my nose pierced. So I told my mom, we grabbed my best friend and we went to the tattoo parlor. I was really nervous – I hate pain, who doesn’t?! – but I did it anyway. I’m pretty sure they each held one of my hands as I braced myself.

I’ll never forget the next day when I showed up to school. People could hardly believe it. They were shocked because the “good girl” ran off and got her nose pierced.

Isn’t it funny how much we stereotype? Both the good girl – that she wouldn’t do something like that – and the bad girl – because, clearly, she must be bad if her nose is pierced.

I kept my piercing until my junior year of college, when I got a job at a restaurant and didn’t want to worry about changing it out for a clear one every other day. While I was ready for a change then, sometimes I look back and I miss it. My nose ring was a little piece of spunk people didn’t expect from me, and it was fun.

Have you ever done something seemingly out of your “reputation”?