A New Perspective on Your Closet

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This world puts a lot of pressure on us to perform, perform, perform in every aspect of our lives. We’ve got to get the grades, work the overtime, charm the important people, wear the best brands, have the most friends in real life and on social media, get the best job, snag the best man, etc. It’s exhausting.

I spend so much of this blog writing about how I’m fighting to resist the norm – not because I want to be different, but because I think the norm is often suffocating. I’m a huge advocate for dreaming big dreams, releasing your grip on others’ approval of you, living the faith that’s hard to believe and celebrating who God has made us as his collective body, but also as his individual children.

We were made to look to him over and over, in every aspect of our lives, and yes, I think that includes clothing. What you wear is a way to worship God through the act of embracing who he has made you… and remembering to worship him instead of the things surrounding you. There are many times I get the craving that I just need new things. I know I’m not alone in this – girls, you probably have more in your closet than you could ever need, but how often do you feel like you have nothing?

That’s one reason why I’m loving The Creative Closet link up. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in things that I think I need right now to fill this void in my life (fill in the blank here – I’m not trendy enough, cute enough, don’t own enough stripes, etc…), but I’ve had everything pictured above for more than a year. They’ve all gotten a ton of use, and they’re all still perfectly cute. But here’s the thing: no clothes will fill that void because they won’t fit in it. That void – what I like to call feeling inadequate – has already been filled perfectly by the One who was made to fill it. It’s actually overflowing because God has abundantly filled that desire in us to be adequate through the death and resurrection of Christ.

Friend, girl, lady, clothing lover, you are more than adequate in Christ. And your clothes, no matter the shape, size, or fabric, won’t change that. So let’s look at our closets in a new light – let’s choose to see how we can enjoy the gifts we’ve been given, while keeping our eyes focused on the Ultimate Giver.


Well, there you have it, another fashion post. As much as I love the leather, lace, and stripes pictured above, much more than that I’m thankful I get to express my creativity through even the littlest of things, such as my closet. And when God is the one who is worshiped, rather than the clothes or whatever other things click with you, then it’s glorifying to him.
I’m joining up with Maegen and Jana again for The Creative Closet today, and I couldn’t have had more fun with this week’s topic: leather and lace!
Happy dressing!