@MagnoliaStreetCloset Instagram Sale!

I have some exciting news! I’m one of those people who gets an idea for a project and can’t think of anything else until I can get it done. That’s how I felt all of yesterday afternoon after I walked into my closet and felt seriously discouraged. Most things in our home have a “place” since we’ve settled into our apartment, but there are a few more things that still need a home (like boxes for things we only need seasonly, etc.).

I walked into my closet and felt discouraged because, while our closet is awesomely big and great… it’s filled with a lot of clothes I don’t wear anymore! They either don’t fit or just don’t get worn enough to keep taking up space! I’m really bad at letting go of clothes like that because I’m also one of those people who thinks, “I might want to wear that some day!” But I’ve put my foot down and started an Instagram called @MagnoliaStreetCloset to sell some of my clothes periodically.

The first sale will be this Monday (LABOR DAY!), so go follow my account and get ready! πŸ™‚ I will post details, like start and finish times, when it gets a little closer. Between now and then I’ll be organizing, taking pictures and getting excited! πŸ˜‰ I’m also thinking of doing an ad space sale over the weekend – would anyone be interested in that?

What kind of clothes are you most interested in buying? I’ll be selling a few pairs of jeans, skirts, and several shirts and cardigans. My closet already has some much-needed breathing room! πŸ˜‰

PS You can find me HERE today talking about how to add some Southern Charm to your life.