To all the sweet girls out there,

Modesty 2

I absolutely love working with youth. God planted those seeds in my heart when I was in high school through the older girls who invested in me and my friends. He used them to teach me so much of what it means to follow him and the real freedom and hope that comes in believing and trusting in Jesus, his death, and his resurrection. He grabbed my attention in those very formative years of my life, and because of that, I love love love working with students.

Fortunately for me, I married a youth pastor – so our lives are saturated in working with students. ūüėČ His much more than mine, of course, since it’s his actual job and I have another 8-5 job, but it is a joy to partner with him in this ministry!

But something that I’ve consistently seen since I was in high school, and see even more now, is how much our culture affects girls in ways they may not even be aware.

Ladies, just because stores sell shorts so short it barely looks like you’re wearing any… that doesn’t mean you need to buy them. I say that in a joking manner, but I’m completely serious. I’m not sure if you buy them because you think you’re supposed to, or because you think they’re cute… but I promise you, when a boy sees you wearing them, he doesn’t simply think “cute.”


To all the sweet girls out there, showing more skin doesn’t make you more valuable.

Instead, he probably thinks, “skin…” which leads to thinking of other things. And he is definitely drawn to looking at your tiny shorts. To be honest, I can hardly stop staring because they are so tiny. And if I can’t stop staring simply from wondering how that could possibly be comfortable – and I’m not a hormone crazed boy…… there’s no way those boys can stop staring. At least not without having to try very, very¬†hard.

Showing more skin does not make you more valuable. I promise. You may get more attention, but it isn’t the kind of attention you want – that I promise, again.


To all the sweet girls out there, showing more skin won’t give you the attention you truly crave.

The boys who know they can’t be around you because they don’t want to think about you in the way I mentioned above, they aren’t the ones who will be giving you attention. It’s the boys who want¬†to think about those things, who want to see you in less¬†and who don’t care about what’s inside of you who will give you that attention. And it won’t be fulfilling.

If I’m honest with you, I love being the center of attention. Put me on a stage and hand me a microphone and I am at home. There’s just something that draws me there. So I understand the way you crave attention from the depths of your being. But you don’t want that kind of attention, I promise.


To all the sweet girls out there, showing more skin doesn’t make you look sweet.

My dear, when you are wearing those shorts, you no longer look like a sweet girl. You look like a girl who is out to get attention. Is that who you want to be? Deep down, I don’t think it is.

In all seriousness, I beg you to ask yourself some serious questions when you’re getting dressed. What makes you choose what you choose? How do you want to present yourself to others and the world around you? What do you want others’ first impression of you to be? What you wear makes up so much of that, sadly.

Sweet girl, you are valued beyond belief by our God who has given you all the worth in the world. He’s given you every reason to believe you don’t need the attention from boys to make you feel cherished, you don’t need popularity to make you feel important, and you don’t need short shorts to get the kind of attention you don’t want.

I love you, girl, but He loves you even more.