7 things we didn’t expect after marriage

+ That I could possibly fall in love more. I thought I was in love when we were dating, and then again when we got married. It’s amazing how much a heart can grow when you spend every day together.

 + That your wedding is a beautiful, fabulous day and your honeymoon is literally paradise … but then you come back and live totally normal, everyday lives together. There is so much more to marriage than your wedding and your honeymoon. The every day life lived after is the best part.

 + Sometimes my heart literally overflows with joy when I watch him genuinely laugh.

 + How did I not know the name of his childhood friend or how he loved the lunch lady in elementary school? I thought I knew everything about this man and yet, everyday I learn more.

 + That you literally have a partner in everything from your wedding day on out: money spending and saving, dreaming, moving across the country, making new friends, trying new restaurants, seeing movies, roadtripping, etc. It’s so comforting knowing that I have a go-to person and he will always be my person.

+ That some nights would look like lying in bed, watching YouTube videos, and cracking up with laughter. It’s so fun.

 + That I would ever need someone so much that I get frazzled when I have to make my own coffee in the morning or have to lay a pillow next to me all night when he’s gone so I don’t feel alone.

Now that we’ve officially sapped you out, go say hi to Samantha, who co-wrote this post with me!

My favorite part about marriage is that I’m still learning more about Jacob almost every day‚Ķ they may be small things, but there’s something to be said about knowing someone better than just about anyone else in the world. I’m excited for a lifetime of that. What’s something you have learned or noticed after marriage that you didn’t expect?!