Introducing: Operation Read Your Shelves

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I don’t know about you guys, but we own a lot of books. Jacob and I are both book addicts: we love buying them, but we are much slower at reading them… so our shelves pile high with unread books all too quickly.

To curb my temptation to buy more books I won’t read, I’m starting “Operation Read Your Shelves” to help me learn from what I already own! I plan on making this a monthly series, so once per month I can share what I’ve read from our shelves. I enjoy reading others’ book reviews, too, so I hope you’ll enjoy this and even join in, whether that’s through your blog or even Instagram!


So What Is Operation Read Your Shelves?!

What:  A monthly “book review” link up.

When:  The 1st Monday of every month.

Where:  You can share your post on your blog and link up to my post and/or you can share on Instagram with the hashtag #OperationReadYourShelves. (Be sure to tag me, @laurenbalbrecht)

How:  Pick a book that you already own, whether that’s on your physical bookshelf, your Kindle or tablet and read it! Then share your thoughts on the 1st Monday of the month so we can cheer you on & hear about more great books.

Why:  Because we all own a lot of books we haven’t read. Why buy more when we can read what we’ve already bought!

34 Magnolia Street
34 Magnolia Street


You can also follow me on GoodReads, where I’ve started tracking what I’ve read and what I want to read!

Is this something you’d be interested in doing, as well? What are your thoughts?!

+  If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment telling me so and what you want to read by then!+  If you’d like an email reminder a week before the 1st Monday of the month, leave your email in the comments, or email me at, and I’ll add you to my reminder email list!+  Pick a book and get to reading! The first week to link up will be Monday, October 6th!

#OperationReadYourShelves, commence!