Magnolia Must Reads | 27

Happy Saturday! I say this so much, but I absolutely adore Saturday mornings. I got up at 8 today, cleaned the kitchen, made the muffins I mention below and got to marinating chicken for our get-together tonight! I’m sipping coffee (in my PJ’s!) and kind of already Christmas shopping via Etsy. I love the weekends.

Be sure to check out some of my favorite Etsy finds this morning under the gift suggestion list below – but leave a comment telling me which of the links is your favorite!

Also! Check out the Instagram Loop Giveaway info below on my shop’s Instagram (@MagnoliaStreetShop) – I’m giving away one of the gorgeous customized-to-you handmade banners above!

Happy weekending! 😉

Life & the world around us

+ Let the redeemed say so, even if it’s not a perfect story. 
+ So you think you’re “too busy?” Read this.

What I want to make this week:
+ These delicious flourless chocolate chip oatmeal muffins.

Christmas is coming.. be warned: gift ideas.
+ For him: Shaving accessories by Mercer + James.
+ For the travelers: How to plan a vacation for 2 for under $1,000.
+ For the friend who is far from home: A home state print.
+ For the kitchen queen: “Whip it” apron.
+ For her: Bicycle tee.
+ For the tech lover: iEverything cord organizer.

Instagram Loop Giveaway Alert!
 + Go check out @MagnoliaStreetShop today at 2pm to see the awesome 16 shop loop giveaway – 16 winners! 
What you may have missed….