DIY Fall Fabric Flower Wreath

Well, if a new wreath doesn’t say, “It’s fall,” I don’t know what will! One of my favorite easy crafts to do is a quick wreath for our doors. I think a wreath goes a long way to make the home a happy place, and it’s just so darn easy! For you crafty girls, it’s a fun way to relax. And for you non-crafty girls, it’s an easy project to make you look craftier than you are 😉

All you need:

– Grapevine wreath
– hot glue gun & glue sticks 
– fabric scissors
– felt (scraps would work here)
– fabric swatches – at least 8 inches wide and 21 inches long
Oh, and a nice treat makes it pretty fun, too ;).
Lay out your fabric and decide how you’d like to start making your flowers. Unfold the fabric, cut a small slit about 2-3″ from the edge, and rip fabric to the end. You want your fabric to be long, so cut along the short edge and rip length-wise. You will do this for each flower.

Tie a knot at the end of the fabric, then begin twisting and rolling the fabric around the knot to form the fabric flower.

This is where the felt comes in. Cut small circles out of the felt, to serve as backing for your flower. The felt circles will help your flower hold its shape, as well as attach to the wreath easier.

After rolling your flower, use the hot-glue gun to attach a felt circle to the backside of the flower. Then get to work! I got into a nice rhythm of cutting circles, rolling a flower, gluing it to a circle, and repeating. Continue until you’ve made all the flowers you desire! I did four of each color.

Arrange your fabric flowers as you see fit onto your wreath, then glue, hang, and enjoy!

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll help you out!