In the storm, there’s still sun somewhere.

To say my weekend felt like a roller coaster would certainly take the grand prize for my personal understatement of the year. But I think it’s important to take a step back on days like that and say, “thank you” for the positive parts, too. The parts that keep you sane on the days you just can’t believe they are still going, am I right?

Despite the fact I probably cried more yesterday than I have over the 9 months since we moved, I’m thankful for

+ A lazy Saturday morning playing games with my husband, who doesn’t usually ask to play board games when it’s just the two of us. And laughter, so much laughter.

+ A quiet Friday night that was supposed to be filled with hard conversations.

+ The rainbow I saw yesterday, separating the dark section of the sky from the beautifully sunny part. The rainbow that reminded me God keeps his promises.

+ Phone calls with dear friends who know me enough to listen to me whine and cry and then say, “Yes, that stinks,” while also sharing truth that makes my heart lighter.

+ The gift we have in God’s Word.

+ Seeing the adorable invitations I made for a friend’s shower in tangible, printed form.

+ New friends who make a great effort to make me feel loved, whether through check-up texts or parking lot conversations.

+ The convictions that propel me toward Christ, even when it’s hard to face my shortcomings again and again.

We all have rough days, weekends, weeks, and/or months. I feel you, friend. What can you say “thank you” for today, even in the midst of other challenges?

I’m linking up today with Ember Grey for Grateful Heart Monday.