She Prospers

I know.. it’s rare that I post on a Sunday, right? Well that’s because I have something special for you. Earlier this month I stumbled across Ashley from She Prospers and fell in love with her and her blog. Its design is so dainty and clean that I just want to hang out there all day, ha! Not only that, but Ashley is such a genuine girl who draws you in.

I’d love to introduce you to her, so stick with me and get to know her a bit!

What encouraged you to start a blog?

My husband and I were serving as missionaries in China and I desired to invite my family and close friends along on our adventure. Writing has always been a way for me to process what is happening in my heart and I wanted the people closest to me to be able to experience a bit of what we were walking through with us. After we returned to the States, I missed writing and felt like a blog would be a wonderful platform that could be used to encourage other women. So I decided to be brave and continue writing.

What is your vision for your blog? In other words, WHY do you blog & WHAT keeps you going?

My desire is to cultivate community and creativity. As women, there is something deep inside us that needs to connect with others, and my hope is that this space can unite an encouraged and inspired group of women with the love of Jesus. My heart is most often moved by the simple things in life, whether it be gazing at a moving photograph, enjoying a delicious home cooked meal or having a heart stirring conversation with an old friend. I would love for that same comforting feel to overflow from this blog. I also plan to use my influence to share the visions of various ministries, non-profits and small business owners, who are working in different ways to advance the kingdom. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting other women who feel the same and am so thankful for the warm welcome that I have received entering the blogging world.

How did you meet your husband?

That is a good question. Ha ha! Neither of us can actually remember the moment we met each other, but we do know that we met in a mutual group of friends at our church. The first things that I can remember about Drew (besides the fact that he’s so handsome), was his ability to easily connect with others, his calming laid back personality (which is so opposite of me), and his faded converse sneakers.

If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be?

I love a good story and have always been drawn to books and movies set in different time periods. My superpower would have to be traveling back in time. I think it would be amazing to experience history unfold before my eyes. To be able to meet heroic men and women, encounter different cultures, wear gorgeous dresses (insert my obsession for Downton Abbey), walk through the homes of artists and writers and dine with Jesus; it would just be spectacular.

Since you love to read, will you list a few of your favorite books lately?

Currently reading: Brave by Annie F. Downs, Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis, and re-reading The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

Can’t wait to read: Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist, Seven by Jen Hatmaker, and The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morias.


Ashley is seriously a woman after my own heart – so many of her answers above just made my heart jump with a resounding Yes! Some of my favorite posts from her blog are When Technology Takes Over: Fighting for Balance, her beautiful reflection on the book of Hosea, and when she shared her faith story.

You can catch up with Ashley here:  BLOG  ||  FACEBOOK  ||  INSTAGRAM