These boots are made for walkin’

  Shirt : Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (similar)  |  Scarf : Charming Charlie  |  Jeans : Gap  |  Boots : Target (similar)  |  Earrings : Handmade by friend

As you can see, fall is really in it’s stride in New Hampshire. Jacob and I keep saying we need to go for a drive, so we can officially be “leaf peepers,” as they call them up here, but we haven’t made it happen. Isn’t that a funny name?! I’d never heard of such a thing.

But the leaves really are beautiful, right?

I wrote a pretty sappy post last week about the 7 Things I Didn’t Expect After Marriage, and last night I could have added many more sappy comments to it. We found out earlier this week that one of Jacob’s friends is hospitalized and in very bad condition, so he took off yesterday to make a quick trip to visit him. (If you’d say a prayer for Scott, I’d love that.) I love seeing glimpses of Jacob that oftentimes others don’t see, like his heart reaching out to his friend so much that, to him, it’s worth the 13 hour drive to visit.

At one point last night, I had turned on Friday Night Lights for some noise while I worked on blog things, and I just about turned to say something to Jacob about the show… only to remember he wasn’t there. I laughed to myself, but I also felt really silly and almost pathetic.

It’s funny how quickly you grow accustomed to your living situations. Despite this being a quick trip, I missed the little moments of doing our own things around the house on a free evening during the week. Silly, I know, but it reminded me that I’m just really thankful for him.

God has taught me a lot about myself through being married to Jacob. I know he has grown, shaped and chiseled both of us through our hard-headed arguments, frustrating habits and absurd expectations for each other. But he’s also taught us the depths of selfless love, faithfulness and the comfort of commitment.

Today I’m really thankful for my marriage, even though we’re young and many peers think it’s crazy to be married so young.. I’m thankful. For us, it’s right.

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