A letter to my every-day self

Every Day Self Letter

Dear every-day Lauren,

You’re trying really hard, I see that. I see it in how you spend your free time, how you pack your days with people and how tired you feel each night. I see you running in a million directions, full speed always, and unable to follow through often.

I see you striving for good things… serving, honoring your husband, fulfilling friends’ needs, exercise,  well-rounded reading, stretching yourself to do hard things, etc. But to what end?

Do you want a cute blog? A nice wardrobe? A better body? People’s approval? Attention? Do you want to be known for things? Do you want to be praised?

These are hard questions. And they absolutely stink to own up to, but answer them honestly. Because what’s the point of living if it’s all about you?

I hope your life will be all about Him. I hope, more than anything else, you see that there is nothing greater than your Creator. I hope you will hold onto him with all you have and see the truth, that those worldly crowns will fade away like the frail flowers they are.

I hope His love will propel you to love others wildly. I hope you will filter your thoughts, your actions, your energy spent through that funnel of his love. I hope you can see the difference between what’s from him and what’s from the world around you. I hope you’ll choose to be His rather than to be Your Own. You’re already loved, you’re already noticed, you’re already considered worthy to be pursued.

In Him, you already have all the things you’re chasing from the world around you. Love him. Be His. Share Him with others. Live this life well, it’s short.

the yesterday you.