Bedroom Facelift

Our bedroom has been the least decorated room in our house ever since we moved in. I’ve had the piece that hangs above our bed since our first apartment, so that has been the lone decoration in our bedroom since we moved in last April. How sad is that?!

Jacob even said something to me the other day. While getting ready one morning, he said, “You know, I think we need to get some things on the walls in here…” I know that when he actually says that, it’s the darn truth!

Jacob took a student on a college visit trip last week, and while he was gone I did a little rearranging. He’s never surprised when he comes home from a trip to see either new additions to our apartment, or everything we have just in a new place. 😉

I received this beautiful Scripture Bunting from December Caravan (owned by Rebecca who blogs at Caravan Sonnet!), and it took me a few days to decide where I wanted to hang it. The gorgeous colors match several rooms in my house, but when I walked into our bedroom, it clicked. I moved our dresser to the wall you see above, hung the print I’ve had for a few months and wah-lah! Perfection.

This little corner is now one of my favorites in our entire house! I walk into our bedroom and just smile. When I’m digging through my jewelry drawer in the morning to get ready, I am reminded, “Rest in the Lord. He makes things secure.” – Psalm 16:9. I need that reminder often, friends. It’s so easy to find my hart wandering off to find un-restful “rest” elsewhere.

December Caravan has all sorts of beautiful Scripture buntings, even seasonal options for this Christmas! Check Rebecca’s shop, and you can use the code MAGNOLIASTREETFRIEND for 15% off.

Happy shopping!!