Operation Read Your Shelves: Women of the Word

For the month of October, I read Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin.

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I actually won Women of the Word
in an Instagram giveaway last month. Several of my friends had read it and given it great reviews, so after making myself finish a few other books, I dug into this one and thought it would be great to share for ORYS this month!For any of you all who have had any training in how to read the Bible, this is a great refresher type of book for you. It felt like a very condensed version of a Bible Survey class from college, so I loved it. It’s absolutely a must-read for anyone who is serious about studying the Bible in a way that it sticks with you.

Wilkin opened the book with two ways we often get our Bible study backwards: instead of letting the Bible speak about God, we try to make it about ourselves and, second, we read it with our hearts first and our minds last.

Even those simple, I should already know these reminders struck a chord deep within me. How easy is it for us all to open our Bibles, anxious to see how it stirs our hearts but left disappointed because we don’t get an emotional high? How easy is it for us to think, I need help in this specific situation.. where can I find an answer in the Bible that gives me step by step instructions? Those approaches are so culturally acceptable and even taught in our little Christian circles that it’s easy to forget that the Bible is about God. It’s a compilation of God’s story in time, the time in which our parts are such small pieces. We forget that the purpose of the Bible isn’t to serve us, it’s to bring God glory and a tool for us to learn about him. I don’t know about you, but reading Leviticus sure doesn’t stir my heart. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t teach us about God in a way that sharpens our understanding of the greater story of his redemption for his people.

Shew, if that hasn’t convinced you it’s worth a few hours of your time… I don’t know what will. I left this book so stirred up to really commit myself to studying the Bible. Not in a check it off my list kind of way, but in the sort of way you start off a new goal: eager to grow in discipline and devote all of yourself to it, no matter what.

She approaches Bible study with the five P’s: Purpose, Perspective, Patience, Process, Prayer. But, I don’t want to give you all the good stuff here, so you’ll have to check it out to find out more. 😉

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