The Best Handmade Shops YOU Should be Gifting this year

You guys, can you just scroll up again and look at all the photos of these gorgeous handmade pieces one more time?! My favorite part about being a creative is that we can make things, and I love even more when people get to make things for their livelihood!

The prints and decor items pictured above are all handmade by some seriously talented people – people who love what they do and what they make. I wanted to highlight some of them for you, to tell you a bit more about them/their shop AND a few of them have offered special discounts for you all!!

Check them out:

1 //  Winsome Easel

Kristin is the creative mind (and hands!) behind her lovely prints. She is actually from the town we moved from and our circles of friends overlapped, so we saw each other quite a bit. We even worshiped together at the same church! She is a lovely, inspiring woman of God on a mission and you could spend hours drooling over every time in her shop. She sells prints, pennant banners, custom invitations and beautiful woodcuts, all graced by her hand-lettered magic.

The heart behind her shop, so whimsically named Winsome Easel, is that she believes beautiful words and authentic relationships can transform this world. She wants to give you a visual reminder of words we know to be true, but sometimes forget. And she wants to help us celebrate the events and moments of life that make us filled to the brim with joy.

You can check out her shop and follow her on social media here:

2 // Ruffled Paper

Jess, the mastermind behind Ruffled Paper and all of its adorableness, and I kind of “go way back” in the blogging world. She has advertised on 34 Magnolia Street (I think even when it used to be The Albrechts Blog?!) and we’ve stayed in touch off and on since then. I’ve LOVED her prints for a long time – she has such a variety and they are so fun.

The “be brave” print of hers really strikes a chord with me because it seems like as twenty-somethings, we have to be brave to survive! We’re all in this weird tension between wanting to do great things, but not being quite there yet… we’ve got to be brave to make those dreams a reality. She also sent me her “don’t let the muggles get you down” print, which I just think is adorably hilarious.

** You can use the code MAGNOLIASTREET to get 20% off her prints now through 1/20/2015!**
You can check out her shop and follow her on social media here:

3 // Opus & Verse

Barbara was so fabulous to work with throughout this process – you can tell she truly loves what she does. To see a little glimpse into who she is, check out her very own words about starting her shop:

“I love maps! Truly, everything about them — the vintage color combinations, the intricate details, the names of the cities and countries, the unending possibilities they represent. I have been working with maps since I started my first Etsy shop — Magpie and Max — back in 2011, where I make banners and other decor from vintage maps, vintage books and vintage sheet music.

But with Opus and Verse, I wanted to do something more artistic and keep the maps intact. I started by making a few as gifts for friends — travelers, new moms, fellow map-lovers. The response was great and I knew I had to start separate shops for these prints. I enjoy the process of creating each one and love it so much when my customers send me photos of their prints in place at their home, especially in nurseries and children’s rooms. I also love making custom prints for people, so they have just the right wording and map for their space. I always use REAL vintage maps and not photocopies or prints, because I think there’s a real difference in the quality and feel of the piece when the maps are authentic.”

**You can use the code OPUS2014 to get 25% off your entire purchase now through 12/31/2014!**
You can check out her shop here:

4 // The Rustic Orange

Annette seems like such a vibrant lady, from the brief conversations and Instagram stalking I may or may not have done once she agreed to work with me… ;).

But seriously, her pieces are oh, so adorable! I’d encourage all of y’all to check her out on Instagram, since her Etsy shop is on hold until she gets through her next craft show! Despite her Etsy break, be sure to visit her shop and “heart” it, so you can get updates! It’s stalk full of adorably inspiring and I-need-this-now pieces.

This little wooden, glittery, encouraging block has added the perfect bright touch to our dining area!

You can check out her shop and follow her on social media here:

5 // Ace Avenue

Rachel and Drew are the creatives behind their stunning handcrafted wooden signs, knives and furniture. I’ve been eyeing those signs for a while now (haven’t you seen them all over Pinterest?!) and jumped at the chance to partner with them! The inspiration for their shop comes out of their desire to share the hope, comfort and love they’ve found in Christ.

Decorating our home with reminders that Christ is truly all we need is one of my goals because, despite the glaring beauty of that truth, it’s too hard for us to forget! I adore this rustic sign Rachel made us.

**You can use the code MAGNOLIA for 15% off their shop now through 11/30/14!**
You can check out their shop here:

6 // Naptime Diaries

Jess and her team at Naptime Diaries have been such an inspiration to me for a looonggg time. Her work is beautiful, and she has such a heart for encouraging women in their dreams, but also in where you are right now. Because sometime life is just straight up hard.

If you’re looking for inspiration – this is your stop. Check out her blog and her shop, and then go spend some time in the Word. Because you’ll want to.

**You can use the code MAGNOLIA for 15% off now through 11/30/14!**
You can check out her shop and follower her on social media here:

Phew, I hope you loved these prints and decor items as much as I do! It has been such a pleasure to share these shops with you because I’m a big believer in chasing big dreams, even when it’s scary. All of these ladies (and men!) are chasing their dreams in ways that inspire me to dig deeper into my own.

I hope you’ll feel that same little push in your heart. Also, I hope you feel that little push to go check out some of these great entrepreneurs! They deserve a few seconds of your awe today 🙂

P.S. HAPPY FRIDAY Y’ALL!! Let’s celebrate for a second.