December Goals

Enjoy this season.

It’s our first Christmas in New England. Already our calendars are full with a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend, youth group Christmas parties, staff Christmas parties, small group dinners, youth sponsor parties, etc. It’s a lot. But in it all, it’s a season of recognizing all the blessings around us: a wonderful, family-like church home, great jobs, great friends, an apartment we love, HEAT, and a husband to live with all my days.

A girl can’t ask for much more. So this month I’m not going to focus on checking things off my list. I’m going to focus on being present, loving my husband, and saying “thanks” a lot. I’m also going to spend a lot of time in the Word.Here’s to aiming to enjoy every moment this month instead of getting from one moment to the next. What are your goals for December?