DIY Natural Lace & Berry Wreath

I have a really fun collab for you today. Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do Blog and I decided we needed to do some serious Christmas crafting this year. So we put our heads together, sort of, and challenged each other to make some Christmas decor with lace!

Madison got all crafty and made these gorgeous ornaments from the lace on her wedding dress! What a keepsake, right?! I went down my normal route and realized I didn’t have an outdoor Christmas wreath to hang! Seeing as it’s already December 11th, it’s time to get some outdoor decor happening over here!

My wreath is super simple, which is my favorite kind. Here’s all you need:

+ Evergreen wreath
+ Fake berries
+ Extra Lace

Unwrap the berries (if yours come in packaging like mine do!) and string around the wreath. If your berries come in more stick-like form, try twisting them around, or grouping them in bunches (like THIS wreath!).

Once you secure the berries around the wreath, you can start playing with the lace! I did not glue the berries to the wreath, but depending on how you bought them, it might be helpful to use some hot glue to secure them.

I have a weird thing for simple, mostly natural-looking wreaths, so I’m kind of an easy wreath craft gal. And that means we are almost done, y’all. The final piece is tying the lace onto the top. I unrolled the entire roll of lace, then doubled it over so it was folded evenly in half.

So the loop is at the top, I pulled the lace through the middle of the wreath, behind the top and around the front. Then I slipped the ends through the loop to pull it all the way through. It’s hard to both explain and take pictures of this part, so just bear with me.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Madison’s post on her DIY Wedding Dress Lace Ornament.

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Happy crafting!