For our Little One, 22 weeks

Dear little one,

I can feel you moving inside me now! I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks it seems. Many of our friends have been asking, “Can you feel her yet??” And I’ve had to admit I wasn’t sure!! Was I just being extra sensitive to normal belly rumbling???

But now I know for sure it’s you! You like to move around a lot throughout the day, but so far you’re most active between 7-10pm. When I get into bed and lie on my back, sometimes I can even feel my belly move on the OUTSIDE. It’s crazy. Your dad hasn’t felt you quite yet, but I’m sure that will happen any day now.

We’ve talked about your name several times, but still haven’t found the perfect one. It’s a big deal to pick your name, so know that once we choose your name, we didn’t choose it lightly! We know you will associate so much of who you are and who you will become based on your name. And we want it to be great, because we know you will be great. This week you’re about the size of a spaghetti squash and you finally weigh a whole pound by yourself!

I started working on our registry for you this week and it’s hard to believe all the things we need in order to prepare for your arrival! I’m hoping your dad and I can go look at strollers and car seats in person soon so we can make a decision on what to get for you.

Little girl, I can’t even imagine how much you’re going to change our lives. But the closer we get to meeting you, the more excited I become. You are already so loved.

my love for you grows every day!
your mama