Cool winter mornings & great friends.

Winter ain’t got nothin’ on me yet.

I kicked off this morning with a nice winter walk to meet up with two girl friends for breakfast downtown. One of them lives only a block away, so we walked together, all bundled up in our hats, gloves, boots and warm coats. The air felt cool and crisp, so wonderfully clean and promising. There’s something just so lovely about early mornings partnered with the anticipation of the new year.

We met to catch up and discuss The Best Yes– we are reading it together and I am so excited for the encouragement this will (hopefully) bring to all of us! God has been speaking loudly to my heart through the various things I’ve been reading over this past month, and that only gets me more hopeful for all he is going to do in my heart in 2016.

Today I’m incredibly grateful for friends who push you to change – to be challenged, to read, to discover more of who you are – and who (most importantly) accept and love you for whoever that person turns out to be.

I’m thankful for the cool winter air and the freedom today to enjoy it, to treat myself to breakfast out, to run errands and to hang out with Jacob. We are soaking up our last days of vacation gladly.

  • That book has been on my ‘must read’ list for months now and it really needs to move to the top of the list this year! I would never consider myself a lover of snow and winter but I definitely agree that there’s something incredibly refreshing about crisp winter air!

  • I’ve heard really good things about the best yes, so I really want to read it 🙂