The aftermath of the holidays and TRUE pregnancy stereotypes

I took down all of our Christmas stuff on Wednesday this week and I just about started full-blown nesting. All these things they tell you about pregnancy that you are tempted to scoff at when you aren’t pregnant (and swear you’ll never do them yourself)? They are true.

Pregnancy brain? True.
Nesting? True.
Becoming obsessed with your unborn child? True.

After putting our regular decorations back in order, I listed some bakeware on eBay to sell, bagged up clothes to sell on ThredUp, returned a game to Amazon, cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen (we all have one of those, right??), cleaned underneath the sink, cleaned the refrigerator and reorganized our lightbulb and battery storage. What a fun way to use my vacation time this week, right? 😉

On today’s agenda, I plan on cleaning out our book and DVD collections and sifting through the closets to see what else I can get rid of to make room for this baby. There’s something about purging that just makes you feel so clean.

Today’s thankful list:
– Our vacation week between Christmas and New Year
– Slow, quiet mornings sipping chai tea and reading
– My parents visiting for Christmas
– Lazy afternoons binge watching Suits with Jacob
– The ways God has been shaping my heart to find contentment in him no matter our circumstances

Happy New Year!

  • This morning I am treating myself to breakfast in bed, coffee in bed, books in bed, and blogging in bed. As soon as breakfast is over, though, my nesting habits are coming out. Except I don’t have a baby to blame it on. Just unpacking and messes and the Christmas tree. Which I’m not ready to take down yet. . . maybe I should treat myself to a new plant or something to take its place. Happy New Year!

    • You go girl! It will feel sooooo good once you do all of that! I was itching to get our Christmas stuff down, but the house feels so empty and sad now without it haha! Getting a new plant is a great idea – I might treat myself, too 😉

  • I have tomorrow off and my apartment will be getting a nice deep clean–in theory anyways 😉

  • Pregnancy brain is soooooooo true!

  • If you get bored, feel free to fly to Colorado and clean my house 🙂