For Our Little One, 34 Weeks

34 Week Pregnancy Update

Dear Little One,

You are getting so big (and so am I!)! I can still feel what seems like every single one of your tiniest movements, but my favorites are when I can feel a hand or a foot. You’re positioned head down now, getting ready to meet the world I guess, and I can feel your little hand on my left side at least once a day. It’s so surreal! I can’t believe you have little fingers and toes and you look like a baby in there! I’m getting so excited to see your face and touch your fingers and toes.

We have almost everything ready for you! The crib is being shipped to us as I write this, I ordered the last of the items we were missing from our registry yesterday, I’ve washed all your clothes, and I made an appointment to get your car seat installed correctly at the hospital next week. My friends Angela and Victoria helped me paint your changing table and hang curtains last week, and next week they are coming to finish the last of our nursery projects!

Your room has always been my favorite in our apartment, even before it was your room, because it’s so bright and cheery… and it’s the warmest of them all! But now I like to go and just sit in the rocking chair while I read or work and take it all in. It looks much different now – very much like it belongs to a little girl. I can’t wait until you make your appearance into the world and we get to bring you home to it!

I’ve been feeling pretty good so far throughout this pregnancy – although sleeping has become very uncomfortable and I wake up every couple of hours. I guess that’s my body’s way of preparing me to be up feeding you all night long! My fingers and hands have also been falling asleep all night long and throughout the day, which has been frustrating, but nothing worth complaining about. Although! Last Sunday while I was leading, my hands were falling asleep while I played the guitar!! That was incredibly distracting and painful, and I ended up having to a cut a song at the end of both services because I couldn’t play anymore!! Needless to say, I took that as my cue to retire my Sunday morning guitar playing and get some other guys to fill in for me moving forward. I never thought my hands falling asleep would be the reason I’d have to do that!

You are about the size of a pineapple this week (19-22 inches) and weigh about 5 pounds. I’ve gained 23 pounds total so far (had my appointment this morning!) and am definitely feeling the weight gain. 😉 You could come anytime in the next 4-8 weeks… And we are counting the days until we get to meet you!

We love you so much already,

your mama

34 Week Pregnancy Update Comparison

Woah!! Look at that belly growth over the last two weeks!!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Your hair is so pretty!! The arrival of your little bundle of joy is getting closer and closer!!! So exciting 🙂

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